What if we did not allow him access to our wounds because our wounds were sitting at the feet of Jesus? Would the enemy steal out from under the nose of Jesus? He wouldn’t dare. Where are your wounds? Not your scars, for those remain. Scars are unavoidable until Jesus returns, but where are your wounds? Do you still carry those?
Release those burdens.
Release the retribution and revenge poison.
Redeem the wounding for a healing.
Use your voice, not as a battering ram for your fellow man, but to shut the enemy down. You need healing and you need to fight the right enemy. You need to fight with the right weapons. You need spiritual weapons. You need to see your foot on the neck of the true enemy and experience peace in the middle of your pain. There is a balm in Gilead. There is healing for those wounds. There is restoration instead of retribution. There is peace in the midst of pain.
Cease striving.
Give it to Jesus.
Know your enemy.
Get your weapons from Jesus.
The goal is healing.
The goal is victory.
Know your true enemy.