Do you ever feel heavy-ladened? Do you ever feel like it takes so much energy to take the next step? Do you feel that you do not have enough resources for the day?
Does it feel like there is a bully on your chest daring you to move for once you do, he finds a new way to knock you down again?
There is a full awareness of the things that go undone, but you are just so weary. No matter the importance, no matter the consequences, tired and weary is the perpetual state you find yourself in. You are tired and you are stuck. There is a enemy who sits on your efforts to be a better person, to be who God called you to be. He is fierce and he is effective and stopping you from moving forward. It hurts so badly to stay where you are under the weight of the bully, but it hurts so much more to try to stand and move forward. To rouse the bully means to suffer the consequences.
Yet there is hope. Jesus clearly says that He is the One to go to when you feel heavy-ladened.
“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28
Make note of His words. You are not supposed to stand so the bully can come at you again. You are supposed to go to Jesus. The invitation is to go to Him, and He does the rest. The bully will not follow you there. How do I know?
Psalm 23:5 says, “You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies.” Did you catch that wording? “…in the presence of…” Your enemies are still present, but they will not stand nor move in His presence. They would not dare, but that is not the miraculous part.
I fully expect my enemies to recognize God’s power and fully understand the lack of theirs in comparison. Yet, what astounds me is there, in the full view of my enemies, I am expected to feast!?
From a pure physiological standpoint, in times of heightened fear or stress, the body does not want to eat. In fact, in those times digestion is basically shut down to pool all of your resources to fight or flee. Yet God, knowing that your enemies are present, is preparing a feast! Why would He think you can eat when your enemies are within earshot!?!
Because, my friend, God knows who He is, He knows who you are and He knows your enemy. Your enemy knows who God is and they know that when God is around, you are untouchable. So my friend, do you know who God is??
You have nothing to fear. When fear is banished and there is no chance of the enemy moving in, even when you rest or slumber, then you can feast, and digest, in the presence of your enemies. They still live on this earth but they are not invited to the table. They are not invited anywhere near the banquet.
So, let me speak to those who feel the bully on your back as your face is pushed into the ground. That is the enemy who has far less power than your God. He is just a bully. Rise and run.
Faster than you can speak His name, He is there. He knew you would be calling Him before the words left your lips. He has been there, but you have exhausted yourself trying to rise and reign in your own power and God shares His glory with no one, therefore, you and the bully have been trading punches and you, my friend, have been losing. Not because God is not God and you do not have the power or authority as a child of God, but when you rise and try to trade punches with the enemy, you have trusted in your power and not His. You will lose every time.
It is in your full surrender to His power that you become the victor who feasts in the presence of a powerless enemy. You determine who you fully surrender to. You can try to use your power and the bully will take it, or you can trade your power for God’s and God will give you His power. That is the difference between becoming the victim or the victor.
You have been pre-destined to be the victor. Rise and run.
Run to the Father. Run to the table. Run to the feast.
Sit and eat. Rest your head on His chest and breathe. Just breathe.
You have entered the safe zone. Nothing harms you. Nothing
threatens you.
Rise and run to your rest. The Father is waiting. The feast is waiting.
Lay down your futile weapons and rise.
The Father is waiting. The feast is waiting.