Today I need to know that hope will rise again. I want to know that the end I see is not the end God sees. I just want to know.
Humanity has such a limited viewpoint. Predictions and suppositions have limited power because the future is not predicated solely on the past. The past is important to look upon, but that is what I am running from…today.
Today I feel like running but I can’t. I have to face the day with bravery for those who are on the journey with me. Today I need to know – for those who are on they journey with me – that hope will rise again. They need to know that the end they see is not the end God sees. They desperately need to know.
Today, when I want answers, I still have to submit to my role as a guide.
Does that mean that God desires that my wants and needs go unheeded? No. In the journey, there are answers for me as well. The healing balm I use for others seeps into my soul as well. When Mary anointed the feet of Jesus, scripture records that everyone in the room partook of the soothing aroma. The presence of God and being present allows everyone on the journey. That’s how gracious our God is.
I long to be in His word and be in His presence. I cannot run from the past, nor predict the future, but I can rest for today. I can feel His warmth and know that He is God.
I read in His word that He not only finds me when I feel lost, but He actually never leaves me.
I read that He not only wants to pick me up and wash off all the dirt and trash, but He wants to heal the wounds as well.
I read that He not only wants to pick me up and clean me, but healing and restoration is the ultimate goal.
Yes, His end and the end I think I see are different. Healing.
He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me to rest. He restores my soul. And we continue the journey together.
Today, I may not understand the journey.
Today I may not want this journey.
But today, I choose to rise and spend time in His presence, for there are others on the journey who don’t have the strength to carry on.
Today I will bring a message of hope to them.
Today my soul will be restored in the giving for love always involves sacrifice. ““For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”
Today I will spend time in the presence of my Guide. I will feel the words of hope flow over me as He speaks. I will breath in while He speaks and let His words oxygenate my soul. For in His breath is life. Life began for Adam with the breath of the Almighty and no life exists without it. Today is no exception.
Today I will breath in His grace, and breath out His grace.
To others on the journey.
For Vonda on the journey.
Because in the end, I do know something about  where this journey ends.
In the end, this world is not my home.
In the end, I will spend eternity breathing in His presence, and breathing out His praise.
Today, my friend, is not the end.