When you begin to worry, immediately exhibit self-control and move in the opposite, faith-filled direction by saying out loud,
“No fear. Just revelation.”
What that means is that you will not accept the words of the enemy who is whispering words of doubt and insecurity in your mind. Your flesh will always accept his words as truth because uncertainty of any kind will resonate with the limited abilities of the flesh. Your flesh cannot solve all of life’s problems. Your flesh cannot secure all you need for you and your household. Your flesh is limited and limited means lack in the natural realm.
Yet in the supernatural realm, limited is tied to the limitless. God is limitless and He never has to worry about provision. Limited tied to limitless is being able to live like a child who is busy exploring their world and bringing joy to those around them.
The revelation is what is needed to live this way. Cultivate time with Him in order to do only what you see the Father doing. Your vision is limited, His is limitless. See into the spiritual realm in order to walk rightly in the natural realm. See beyond your vision.
When the revelation is not yet clear, wait. Waiting is the most difficult part. We justify and think any action is better than inaction, yet action without clarity can be disastrous and detrimental. Seek clarity. Seek revelation. In the waiting, seek His face. Sit down in His presence and actively look and listen for His guidance. In the waiting you will learn of His heart. Waiting in the spiritual realm is filled with expectation instead of fear. You cannot expectantly wait upon the Lord and pace with worry at the same time. Let God be God and cease your pacing and still your mind.
Know this, in the waiting the time has not yet come. When the time has come, the answer will come. If there is no answer, it is not time. Sit and soak up the calmness of the One who holds everything in balance. He is not worried. He is not fretting over possible solutions. He is waiting on you to get into alignment so that your blessing will not overwhelm you. God sized blessing need God centered people or your imbalance will cause the blessing to shift. God centered people keep the balance and therefore keep the blessing. Acquaint yourself with all His ways so that you are in position to receive.