I have spent so much time in forgiveness for the last week or so.
Not exclusively with a bottle of an essential oil blend named Forgiveness, but seeing the name reminds me of His plan.
Smelling it reminds me of the Altar of Incense that the priests went to before they approached a Holy God.
Aroma filled the temple, as God designated that the Altar of Incense would be the last article of furniture before the veil.
His presence rested behind the veil. You dared not approach His presence with unconfessed sin.
But God is the author of forgiveness. He is the author of holy thoughts, even when our flesh wants to point an accusing finger to another person. Satan is the accuser of the brethren, therefore, accusations and pointing fingers make me more like him and less like Jesus.
I want to be like Jesus.
I have been clearing out head space of ALLLLL the times I have felt justified for pointing a finger. The weight of all of those times rests heavy on our mortal shoulders. No wonder we feel tired all of the time no matter what we do or eat.
The righteous judge sits on the judge’s seat and judges justly. But more importantly, He sits on the mercy seat and pardons freely. 😊
I have to come into the court room numerous times lately to confess my transgressions. I have a personal responsibility for my actions and I want a clear legal record. Harboring unforgiveness is a mark on my record.
Therefore, I choose obedience.
I choose to bow the knee.
I choose forgiveness.
For the past.
For my pointing finger.
For being my own defense attorney before a righteous judge when I had no case but I wanted to plead my case anyway…because of pride.
Because of unforgiveness.
Because of a lack of faith.
Father, forgive me.
Father, I forgive them.