When I first began to study the emotional aspect of essential oils, I was not prepared for how simple God’s response would be.

I had completed hours upon hours of fascinating research and sat back and said, ‘God, no one is going to listen to me talk about this for hours and hours. I need to know in a nutshell how to tell people about the emotional impact of essential oils.’
The first sentence was instant and clear….then He began to unfold the ramifications of what He was telling me…

When you’re calm, you think better. You’re not easily angered. You forgive easier. You don’t do things that break my heart.


The limbic lobe of our brain processes emotions. That lobe is in the middle of our brain, surrounded by all of the other lobes (i.e. greatly protected).

The only access our limbic lobe has to the outside world is…our nose. Smell synapses directly in the limbic lobe…which means that God designed our bodies with smell as a key component to emotions.

We all know that. The perfume/cologne indutry has been shoving toxic, synthetic fragrances in our noses for years…and that is a huge industry. Synthetic and toxic, but huge. People love the aroma of baking and cooking. Conversely, rotten food is avoided when it gets close to our nose, sometimes it doesn’t even have to be close 🤢

Even fear has a smell… 🐕 Dogs know that 😯

Don’t disregard what God has designed for you to be emotionally healthy. Don’t laugh when people talk about how good essential oils are for the whole body. That’s extremely disrespectful to the One who provides for us. EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL.

I didn’t design smell to impact our emotions.
God did.

I didn’t design smell to directly and powerfully inpact our emotions.
God did.

I didn’t design essential oils for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
God did.

I didn’t compare our prayers to incense.
God did.

I didn’t command that an altar of incense be placed in the temple.
God did.

I didn’t call our bodies the new temple of God.
God did.

Therefore, I will be respectful and obedient and use what He has provided for my good and His glory.