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Lord, Help My Unbelief

I desperately want peace. But somehow, I tend to create chaos. Somehow, I tend to create the whirlwind. Somehow…
Lord, help my unbelief.

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The Ripples of Life

I am sailing through life on tranquil seas, then a ripple appears. Occasionally I get a glimpse into the cause, but many times the cause is unknown. I just have to know that I may never know. Life is always moving.

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Forgiveness. For me. For them.

Spending so much time in forgiveness for the last week or so. I have to come into the court room numerous times lately to confess my transgressions. I have a personal responsibility for my actions and I want a clear legal record. Harboring unforgiveness is a mark on my record.

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Be Still and Know

God knew we would need time alone to “declutter and clean” out our minds of our feeble attempts at solutions, so He commanded us to be still, take a sabbath and find rest for our souls. Do you refuse the gift of peace He offers?

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