There are so many things below the surface that we do not see.
As I sit on the front porch of my cabin and look out on the slender lake in front of me, the water is never truly still. There are times that it looks like glass on the surface but inevitably a break in the tranquility occurs somewhere. Sometimes is it a small ripple. Sometimes it is rougher waves because something bigger is happening.
Inevitably, something breaks the peaceful surface.
Nature is always moving.
Whatever it may be, it instantly draws your attention. You want to know what broke the peaceful environment. Your survival instinct kicks in.
Occasionally, you see something harmless as a turtle pop up or a leaf dropping onto the surface.
Nature is always moving.
Many times only the ripples are seen.
You never see the cause, but you guess. Your brain predicts. Your survival instincts kick in. You continue to watch to gather more data.
You want to know.
It’s natural.
So many times the cause is unknown, and life goes on.
The ripples stop.
The water’s surface returns to stillness.
For a moment.
Then somewhere another ripple appears.
Nature is always moving.
Life seems to be this way.
I am sailing through life on tranquil seas, then a ripple appears. Occasionally I get a glimpse into the cause, but many times the cause is unknown. I just have to know that I may never know.
Life is always moving.
But I do know that God knows. He knows what is causing the upset in my tranquility.
God is all-knowing.
He knows if this upset is a normal occurrence in my human walk in a fallen world, and if this ripple will just fade with time.
Time is always moving.
He also knows if there is something that needs more attention below the surface.
He speaks words into my heart to guide me through the more dangerous waters.
God is always guiding.
He will tell me if I need to know.
Other times, I just need to be watchful.
Ripples are always happening.
Nature is always moving.
But God is always in control.