In 2015 our family was not in a good place, physically, emotionally and unfortunately, not even spiritually. Our bodies were overtaxed and we weren’t recovering. My husband was a chronic and severe migraine sufferer for over 20 years. Then in one year he was diagnosed with Melanoma, Addison’s disease, and had 3 surgeries that same year for the removal of his gallbladder, nasal polyps and the melanoma site on his ear. That year was full of doctor appointments and a whole new level of emotional, physical and financial stress for our whole family. I began to search for new ways to help him mainly, but we all needed the support.


I prayed about where to look and what to do to help us, and essential oils kept coming up. I honestly knew nothing about essential oils. I am an Occupational Therapist and was educated in all the ways of modern medicine, but when alternative health methods were talked about, they were laughed at and looked down upon. Years later I was introduced to essential oils. I had always loved natural health, so I began to research essential oils both in scholarly, evidenced-based articles, and in my Bible. Both led me to the same conclusions: essential oils were not a new fad, they were effective, they impact the emotions and body, as well as spiritual, and God designed them as part of His plan for us.

That same year my husband and I really needed support in a holistic manner. As I studied essential oils, I realized that they impact your body physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Inhaling essential oils goes directly to your limbic lobe, which is where your emotions are stored,
  • If you remember from high school biology, the cell membrane is very protective (your DNA and other extremely important information is stored in your cells). This is called ‘selective permeability.’ Only substance that are small in size and similar in substance can penetrate the cell membrane. Essential oils posses both of those characteristics, therefore they are extremely effective.
  • Aroma has been used by God for a very long time. The altar of incense was the located in the temple, right before the veil to the Holy of Holies, and today my body is His temple and I want to keep in line with His plan.


I realized that essential oils are not new and God had designed plants to provide for humans since the creation of the world. God gave us plants. Essential oils are just extracted from the fiber so you don’t have to chew a lavender bush to relax!! Yes, He knows better than anyone what is needed for our minds and bodies to function. Let’s cooperate with His plan. We have and we cannot imagine where our journey would be without natural wellness.


Notice that I did not spend a lot of time talking about my husband’s issues nor the exact specifics of what we did. Although we will be more than happy to discuss any of our journey with you, the biggest thing we have realized is that wellness is a journey and wellness is a lifestyle. One bottle of oil was never meant to solve all your problems. Our introduction to essential oils set us on a journey that forced us to look at more than just one or two areas of our lives. Eating well, exercise, laughter, sleep and other factors are a must as well. We continue that journey today and every day, and we are so thankful God lead us here and continues to lead us. Thank you for letting us share just a small part of our story with you. We trust God is leading you in your journey and as always, if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Blessings and health,

Ken and Vonda Flue